Frequently Asked Questions

Last Modified: May 23, 2021

What is CSN?

CSN stands for Citizen Science of Nigeria. Its mission is to create a single source of truth that enhances public accountability and a more informed electorate

What data is contained on CSN?

CSN contains publicly verifiable information on every elected and appointed public official that has ever served the Federal Republic of Nigeria

Is this a government-backed initiative?

No. CSN is a private initiative.

Can I create a profile?

As of today, you cannot create a profile. However, you may register intent to interact with CSN as a signed in user by using our signin button to login with a google account. In the future, we will be reaching out to allow users create profiles and engage with an enriched dashboard.

What is a List?

A list is a tool that allows CSN users to share their queries with others. When CSN enables profiles, users will also be able to share their lists privately or publicly.

Who can see my Lists?

Watch this space for details when profiles launch.

Can I help expand or curate your datasets?

Yes you can. Simply click on the “Recommend Changes” button in any profile and email CSN with any suggestion you have.

How is CSN data different from Wikipedia data or the data on the National Assembly site?

CSN data has been curated for accuracy along several vectors including spelling and chronology. CSN data has also been enriched with the most up to date information around constituencies and districts. Finally, CSN data is stored in a user friendly environment, designed to incentivize research.

Can I get access to your data outside your website?

Queries of public figures in search engines (eg Google, Bing) will bring up links to their respective CSN profiles. If you would like more structured access, for instance as a developer, please reach out to the team at

I love this work; how can I sponsor you?

Please feel free to reach out to the team at