CSN Victory Path (CVP)

The CSN Victory Path (CVP) is a tool that allows you to explore a candidate's potential path to being declared winner in the 2023 Presidential elections taking place on February 25, 2023.

According to the 1999 Nigerian Constitution, Section 134 subsections 1 and 2, a candidate for an election to the office of the President must satisfy all of 3 distinct criteria in order to be duly elected:

  • Simple Majority
    Secure the majority of votes cast nationwide

  • State Distribution
    Secure at least 25% of votes cast in at least 24 states

  • FCT Distribution
    Secure at least 25% of votes cast in the FCT

If no candidate satisfies ALL 3 criteria, there will be a second ballot contested by 2 candidates as determined by section 134, subsection 3.


Which party do you think will secure the most number of votes across the country?


Which parties do you think will secure 25% of votes in at least 24 states and the Federal Capital Territory?


The results

PartySimple majority24 statesFCT


Your vote is your voice. Make it heard and shape the future of Nigeria.


  • Is the local government area (LGA) split shown on the map an accurate depiction or prediction of performance by the different parties?

    No. The LGA split is only used to visually represent states where the users expect multiple parties to reach the 25% threshold of votes cast.

  • Why can I only select up to 4 parties (candidates) per state?

    Potentially, all 18 political parties can win votes in any state. Mathematically, no more than 4 candidates can win up to 25% of the votes cast in a single state. And this is the threshold that matters from INEC's perspective when it comes to declaring a winner.